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Dear Hawk Families, 

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for your adherence to our safety protocols this whole season! You have been amazing at communicating with us when there might potentially be a health issue, with supporting your athletes in following our mask and hand hygiene rules, distancing in the stands and not abusing the ticketing system, and keeping us all safe in the gym!  I have never been more proud to be a Hawk! 

You are models of integrity, thank you!

Coach Anderson



October 27, Tuesday- home vs Gallatin CAUSE NIGHT, wear green if you have it!

Pizza dinner sponsored by Robert and Tia Rhoades! Thank you!

Sophomores play in south gym at 4 PM, freshman work (report to your court by 3:40). Freshman take turns reffing and eating Pizza in the south cafeteria!

Junior varsity plays 530 in south gym, freshman play at 5:30 in North Gym. 

Sophomore’s ref freshman and take turns eating. 

Varsity eat at 5 and ref JV. Other half of sophomores relieve the Varsity at 6 to get ready.

We need a parent supervisor to dish food wearing gloves and masks (I have masks, latex gloves, plates and plastic utensils). Ideally a parent from each team for the time periods below. This parent is also requested to enforce social distancing while masks are off, only a couple players per table.

*Freshman will start eating at 4 to 430. JV will eat after their match 6:30ish.. Sophomores will eat after your game around 5 to 530 alternating with refs. Varsity will eat at 5:00. It is highly unlikely that this timetable will work out exactly as planned 🤪 We’ll use it loosely!

Parents, if anyone from the teams is willing to send bottled waters or healthy drinks or individually wrapped veges or snacks, that would be wonderful! PLEASE EMAIL ME BY NOON TOMORROW IF YOU DO PLAN TO SEND SOMETHING! IF WE DONT HAVE ENOUGH, I CAN GET EXTRA SUPPLIES!


Thursday, Oct 29 AT GALLATIN

  • All athletes will be dismissed at 2:30 and will need to have their own rides to Gallatin high, we do not have a bus. 
  • Frosh play 4:15 
  • Soph play 4 
  • JV plays 5:30 
  • Varsity plays 7pm


BILLINGS SENIOR RESCHEDULED- Dismissal 12:05, Depart 12:30

All teams will be traveling to Billings Senior Friday Oct 30, matches at 4/4, 5:30/5:30 and 7! Double header for Freshman team!


*We will celebrate our costume contest and fundraising efforts VIRTUALLY on Halloween, details to come!


This has been some season, eh!?! I cannot believe there is only one more week of Sub-Varsity play! The coaching staff has seen so much growth from all Hawk athletes, we are proud of your daughters! Psyched to see what they do with these last few competitions!

Here are some updates-

Mental Health Awareness-Cause Night is coming up!!! Oct 27 Home vs Gallatin- ALL ATHLETES PLEASE STAY THRU VARSITY AND CHEER!!! 

Senior Karly Stromberg is making green ribbons for the entire program to wear on Oct 27. Athletes will also be given a special mask for the night. Our program is supporting the HELP CENTER of Gallatin Valley and has pledged to raise $2500 or more by Oct 30!

  • The Help Center is our community’s local suicide, crisis, and resource line, operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Support 13 counties in SW Montana
  • The crisis lines are available to anyone in crisis, suicidal, needing resource referrals, concerned about a loved one, or just needs someone to talk to.
  • We are one of the two crisis centers in Montana that answer the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-TALK).
  • If you need help, the Help Center is there 24/7 at 406-586-3333
  • Increase in Need:
    • Since COVID began in Montana, the Help Center shifted quickly to meet the growing needs in our community. We have seen a 52% increase in the need for our services.
    • Help Center was activated as the Bridger Foothills Fire call center for those in need of information, resources and emotional support. They took 567 calls.

Thank you for helping our program support this incredible organization!

To donate (or share this link for donations), click here 

For those of you who have already donated, THANK YOU! Your donations make a huge difference- As a mental health counselor, I see the need for the Help Center daily. THANK YOU!

Mask Reminder- we have done an amazing job, we can't stop now! We are one of the few programs that hasn't been shut down, let's keep it that way! Sub-Varsity has only one week left, none of us want to miss a single moment of it! Please keep reminding your athletes to keep those masks on and over their nose and mouth and keep it up with good hand hygiene! 


Saturday, Oct 24 at Billings Senior- Saturday check in at BHS loop at 8:45, depart at 9am- due to weather we are leaving for Billings Senior a bit earlier. Plan for enough food for a LONG day! 

  1. Frosh/Soph play at 1
  2. Frosh/JV play at 2:30
  3. Varsity plays at 4 

Tuesday, Oct 27 Home vs Gallatin- CAUSE NIGHT!!!

  1. Frosh through JV will be dismissed at 3pm
  2. Frosh play 4:15 North Gym- Tear down directly after
  3. Soph play 4 South Gym- JV arrive at 3:40 to work both gyms, Varsity will relieve at 4:45
  4. JV plays 5:30 South Gym - Soph work
  5. Varsity plays 7pm

Thursday, Oct 29 AT GALLATIN

  • All athletes will be dismissed at 2:30 and will need to have their own rides to Gallatin high, we do not have a bus. 
  • Frosh play 4:15 

  • Soph play 4 
  • JV plays 5:30 
  • Varsity plays 7pm

FROSH THRU JV- Sub-Varsity's final get together is Oct 30 3:35-4:30. This event will include a costume contest, awards for the athlete who raised the most money for the Help Center and awards for the team who raised the most! Varsity will practice directly after the costume and awards ceremony in South Gym. 

  • Tuesday Nov 3
  • Within Division
  • 1 vs 8
  • 2 vs 7 
  • 3 vs 6 
  • 4 vs 5
  • Saturday Nov 7
  • Reseed remaining 4 east teams and 4 west teams
  • 1W vs 4E
  • 2E vs 3W
  • 1E vs 4W
  • 2W vs 3E
  • Semi Finals Tue Nov 10
  • State Championship Sat Nov 14
  • Higher Seed Hosts

​As always Hawk families, we could not do this without you!


MTAAP Guidance for Adolescent Athletes and COVID-19

The Montana Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Committee on Child Health and COVID-19 consulted with Montana Cardiologists as well as referencing current National Guidance from AAP and ACC to develop the following guidance on Adolescent Athletes diagnosed with COVID-19 and return to play:

  • Asymptomatic: The athlete should not return to sports until 14 days after receiving their test results and be evaluated by a healthcare provider.
  • Mild illness (no fever and symptoms lasting <3 days): The athlete should not return to sports until 14 days after their COVID-19 symptoms have resolved AND have a normal EKG before return.
  • Moderate illness(prolonged fevers lasting >3 days, bedrest, but no hospitalization or abnormal cardiac testing): The athlete should not return to sports until 14 days after their COVID-19 symptoms have resolved AND a referral to a pediatric cardiologist for further evaluation should be done before return.  
  • Severe illness(hospitalization, abnormal cardiac testing, Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C)): The athlete should not return to sports until they have complete cardiac testing done and be cleared by a pediatric cardiologist. Some of these patients may require a 3-6 month restriction from sports due to concern for heart inflammation (myocarditis).

The full Guidance can be found here.

CONTACT TRACING- Athletes who were contact traced, but never showed symptoms and were not told to be tested, do not need a note to return after 14 days as long as all Health Dept. policies were followed for quarantine and they continue to show zero symptoms at the end of the 14 days.


Dear Hawk families, 

I am instating a new program policy that may seem a bit harsh, but I feel it is necessary as we are now in the seventh week of competition with volleyball and this really should not be an issue at this point. Any athlete who is disregarding the mask mandate (MHSA, School Dist. and State) during season and is seen by a coach will lose their playing privileges the next match. I believe it is time that the coaching staff get to coach and teach and spend less time reminding athletes what to do with their masks.  

Masks must be up over the nose. I understand that sometimes they stretch out. If funds are an issue we have disposable masks in the cage to be used as needed. The safety of each athlete, program staff and all of the families involved is very important to us, as well as the longevity of the program during this pandemic. We are in this together and any of our individual actions could affect the whole program. We appreciate your support in this matter and hope it will provide another opportunity for the young leaders in the program to keep an eye on each other and help hold all athletes accountable.


Thursday Oct 8 Home vs Billings West

Fosh 4:15 North Gym- Freshman arrive at 3:15pm for setup 

-6 JV athletes to ref North Gym please be in the gym by 3:50, you will be relieved by Varsity at 4:45

Soph 4:00 South Gym- Sophomores arrive at gym 3pm for setup 

6 JV athletes to ref South Gym please be in the gym by 3:40, you will be relieved by Varsity at 4:45

* each gym needs 2 line judges, 1 book keeper, 1 Lib tracker, 1 ball cleaner, 1 scoreboard operator

JV 5:30 South Gym- Sophomores will work JV game immediately after your match in South gym. 

Varsity 7pm South Gym- Varsity relieve JV of ref duties at 4:45 and tear down and clean balls after match. 

Saturday October 10 AT Billings Skyview

Check in time at the Loop is 10:00, bus departs 10:15 sharp for Billings on Saturday.

Frosh play at 1 and 2:30

Soph plays at 2:30

JV plays at 2:30

Varsity plays at 4


Remember the fundraiser for the Help Center! Deadline for donations is Oct 31.

Fan Store closes tonight!!!

And finally, a HUGE thank you to all who made senior night so very special!!!

Go Hawks!


Fan store is open!!! I'll add a link to the website soon.  

Gallatin Matches on Oct 1 will be rescheduled, we will have practice Thursday instead of games. 

Saturday Oct 3 is SENIOR NIGHT! All athletes in the Hawk program are encouraged to stay through Varsity, Sophomores, attend as soon as you can after your match. Remember, Hawk gear, masks and distancing in the stands! Be ready to cheer and make this extra special for our seniors!


Frosh (North Gym) and JV (South Gym) play at 4:30pm- Sophomores and non-senior varsity will work both gyms.  Frosh, Soph, JV please be at the gym for setup at 3:30.

Soph (North Gym) and Varsity (South Gym) play at 6pm - Frosh will work Soph game, Varsity will be staffed. All non-seniors will tear down after.


Message from Laurie Larson: 

Here are the details for the upcoming Booster Buttons and Player Action Photos:

Booster Buttons (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior Varsity, Varsity)

To support our Hawk Booster Club, Karsen and I have made 2 buttons for each player who had their player photo taken by Matt Long.  The buttons are $5 each OR 2 for $10 (This is a fundraiser for the Boosters). A table will be set up in front of the South Gym at 4:00 - 5:30 pm on Saturday, October 3, for you or your player to purchase your player buttons if you would like to have them.   Please --cash only. If you are interested in volunteering to work the table, please let me know.

Varsity Player Action Photos

On October 3, Shellenberg Professional Photography is scheduled to take player action photos during the Varsity game.  The cost is $85 per player.  A minimum of 3 players must sign up prior to Saturday's game for photos to be taken.  Attached is the Order Photo Form which includes Shellenberg contact, payment, and order instruction info. If you are interested in having photos of your player taken, please contact them right away.  Shellenbergs do a wonderful job of capturing the players in action and the photos are a nice addition to a player's VB album collection.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


Laurie Larson


THANK YOU FAMILIES! We are grateful for you! Please continue to encourage the highest COVID safety precautions as we enter mid-season! 

Go Hawks!

9/24/20Bozeman High School 



Mental Health Awareness & Support of The Help Center

Did you know the Help Center has experienced a 52% increase in the need for their services since COVID began? Their services are free to everyone.


The Help Center is the local 24-hour crisis and suicide line. They serve Gallatin and the surrounding 12 counties. Their line is open 24/7/365 for those in crisis, suicidal, needing resource referrals, concerned about a loved one or someone to talk to.  They are also one of two crisis centers in the state of Montana that answers the National Suicide Lifeline (1/800-273-TALK).  

At our match at Gallatin on Oct 29, we will wear green ribbons to support Mental Health Awareness. 

We will run the race (weather and distance pending;) as a program on October 30. It will also be a COSTUME CONTEST!


Our sincerest gratitude, 



All you have to do is share this message below via email, social media, etc! The program will engage in the mental health challenge activities weekly and costume contest on 10/30. 

The Bozeman Hawk Volleyball Program Supports The Help Center!

The Bozeman Hawk Volleyball Program has set a goal of raising $2500 for local suicide prevention and the Help Center's 24/7 crisis and suicide lines.  We are running AND participating in the mental health challenge to support the Help Center!

The Help Center is the local 24-hour crisis and suicide line. They serve Gallatin and the surrounding 12 counties. Their line is open 24/7/365 for those in crisis, suicidal, needing resource referrals, concerned about a loved one or someone to talk to.  They are also one of two crisis centers in the state of Montana that answers the National Suicide Lifeline (1/800-273-TALK).  Did you know they have experienced a 52% increase in the need for their services since COVID began? Their services are free to everyone. 

You can easily help us reach our goal by donating just $20, on our fundraising page. Here is the link: 

Thank you for helping us reach our goal in supporting this important cause!

Bozeman Hawk Volleyball



The SWX is broadcasting 2 football games from Van Winkle Stadium this fall as well as Volleyball match at Bozeman and a Volleyball Match at Gallatin high.

CMR @ Bozeman FB                 Oct 2

Bozeman @ Gallatin FB             Oct 15

Belgrade @ Bozeman VB           Oct 20

Bozeman @ Gallatin VB             Oct 29

Bozeman @ Gallatin FB             Oct 15

Bozeman @ Gallatin VB             Oct 29


9/3/20  Hello Hawk Volleyball Parents and Guardians! 

The coaching staff would like to thank you for your patience, adherence to protocols and guidelines and for your continued support!

Below is as much information as I can gather regarding the upcoming season happenings so far! Please feel free to email me at with additional questions! 


It is important to us that you be aware of the safety measures taken during picture day as there will be traditional team pictures dispersed. ALL athletes and coaches were screened for symptoms and temperature checks prior to pictures. They were also required to sanitize. Masks were required to stay on until the pictures were completely staged and only came off for 10-15 seconds. They also stayed in their team pods (which is a little more fluid at the JV/V level). This strategy was approved by the Athletic Admin and was the guidance given to the Photographer. Also, if you didn’t send the form to picture day, please mail payment (do not add late fee) and completed form to Matt Long Photography 1313 W Park St. Livingston, MT 59047


Mr. Ator has requested that we live stream practice on Friday! This will be to check for issues with the system and camera's, but if all goes well, you will be able to watch the JV/V practice. I will plan some entertaining scrimmage rotations for the afternoon and we will practice with the new warm up parameters


Poster Fundraiser-

Someone will be reaching out in the coming days regarding our Annual Poster Fundraiser with information. Please keep an eye out for that email. 

Program Cause-

I have heard that Pack the Place in Pink is not happening this year. The Varsity athletes and staff have landed on supporting The Help Center in 2020. This will be a program wide fundraiser. Details on that will be sent in a separate email soon. The Help Center is the local 24-hour crisis and suicide line. They serve Gallatin and the surrounding 12 counties. Their line is open 24/7/365 for those in crisis, suicidal, needing resource referrals, concerned about a loved one or someone to talk to.  They are also one of two crisis centers in the state of Montana that answers the National Suicide Lifeline (1K). 

Fan Store-

I am working with Universal to create a Fan Store for this season. If you can think of any desired items (beyond short and long sleeve shirts, hats, masks and possibly flags!?) please email me and we can see what might be possible.



Athletes will receive 2 practice shirts and 2 masks. Schedule is as follows (also on the Policies page of our program website). The schedule allows for cleaning of masks and shirts on Wednesdays.




Varsity and JV plan to use white knee pads and white socks this season due to the new jerseys at that level. Frosh and Soph may wear black. Individual Team levels must match. If you use ankle braces, color does not matter. If you are struggling to afford any of the needed equipment, please reach out to me!


I will be working with Universal in the coming days to figure out a warm up uniform plan for JV/Varsity. 



Athletes are required to wear their masks on campus all the way up to active play and immediately after active play is complete. They check in at each practice, are screened for Covid symptoms, have their temperatures checked, are required to sanitize their hands and then they may prepare for practice. Volleyballs are disinfected after each practice in both gyms. Rags are thoroughly washed each weekend. The coaching staff provides prompts for use of sanitizer several times throughout practices and reminders not to touch faces or hands. Coaches/staff keep masks on throughout practices except when giving quick instruction from 6+ feet away. 

Hypervigilance- Athletes need to assume that others do not understand the sport of volleyball. Though an athlete may be in the same cohort on the court with another athlete and so believe it is ok to chat together without masks on, that is not the case where the general public is concerned. Please encourage vigilance in following Covid guidelines!



Our program calendar is up to date on There is a program google calendar link on the page. Updates and adjustments will be made there as they happen. 


You can find the link to NFHS Live Streaming for Matches by clicking the "Live Stream" tab on our program site


This coaching staff was selected largely due to the range of expertise as well as passion for the game. In the coming weeks, coaches will be doing breakout sessions by position. The highest COVID precautions will be taken here as well. 


All coach email addresses are on the “Coaches” page of our website. You can also find us on Remind app.


Please sign up for the All Program Remind group. This will only be used in case of emergency or last minute schedule changes that effect the program as a whole. Otherwise, individual teams will be notified via their team remind groups athletes are already signed up for.  

To sign up:



Team Dinners: As of now we are NOT cleared to do team dinners. I will discuss this subject again in the coming days with the Athletic Administration. 

Red/Black Scrimmage: There will be NO Red/Black scrimmage this year, unfortunately.

See Documents attached for your information.


The Bozeman School District 7 would love to hear from you! The athlete's feedback to the coaching staff is that they feel safe in the gym and trust we are taking every precaution available to us for COVID safety. If you want to send positive feedback about the volleyball season so far, please email to Let them know how excited we are to be in the gym and have a season!!!


Your BHS Volleyball coaching staff is thrilled to work with your athletes this season! Thank you for trusting us with them!


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