Athletes assigned to a team will receive 2 practice shirts and 2 cloth masks. These will be worn Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday. This is to ensure you are wearing a clean masks at practices and games.

Wednesdays will be "Whatever Wednesdays!" so you can wear any appropriate t-shirt/colors with your favorite mask. 

Use locker rooms QUICKLY AND EFFICIENTLY! Do not congregate.

You will need several pairs of black spandex (brand not important, but no stripes or designs, small logo ok). Please make sure they cover your full posterior.

Knee Pads- JV/V will compete in white knee pads. You may practice in either. Frosh/Soph will compete in black knee pads. 

Shoes are at your discretion. Find a good athletic shoe that fits your personal needs well. Please stick to black, white, gray or red wherever possible. 

LARGE (maybe 1 gal) water bottle! You will not be using the drinking fountains for safety reasons.