First: Parent Meeting Info!

For those of you who were able to attend the parent meeting, thank you! I apologize I could not be there in person. I am currently in Seaside, OR preparing to play in the largest beach doubles tournament in the world! It is a family tradition, my husband and I have been competing in this tournament for the past 14 years (minus 2020). This tradition is one of the reasons our passion and commitment to the sport of volleyball remains strong after over 2 decades of coaching. Coaches Schmidt, Kluempke, Moldan and Wolfe will be stat keeping and getting fresh eyes on the athletes Friday and Saturday, I will return Sunday and commence team development using the stats and Monday/Tuesday drills, exercises, etc. 

*** I will post the meeting outline under "Policies" on our webpage. 

Here are some of the questions that came through the zoom chat:

~DragonFly Issues- I will be communicating with Patty Turner at the athletic office tomorrow to make sure that pending entries are approved prior to Friday's Tryout. Any other issues, please email Patty at patty.turner@bsd7.org  She is the only admin for the athletic department and all Fall sports start this week so she is a busy lady. We will get it figured out!

~Friday Tryout Times: It says Juniors and Seniors 2pm. Frosh/Soph may come at 4pm OR at 6pm, we wanted to give parents some flexibility with getting their athletes to the gym given they are not yet driving!  Freshman through Sophomores can come at 4pm to 6pm OR 6pm to 8pm. 

Second: Tryouts (remember, you must tryout in your age group. You may be moved by coaching staff to a different level beginning Monday)

Due to continued construction, Friday's tryout will be at HAWK gym, not North. 

Friday's focus: assess endurance, speed, vertical and mental toughness. Collect necessary recruiting stats. 

Saturday's focus: begin assessing basic ball control (passing, serve receive, serving). *Some athletes may be given asked to begin tryouts Monday at a different level. 

Monday's focus: assess advanced skills, blocking, hitting, aggressiveness, placement, etc. ***PLAYERS MAY BE ASKED TO STAY FOR A LATER TRYOUT, for example, a sophomore may be asked to attend the JV tryout AFTER the sophomore tryout. PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY, this may be a day of decision.

Tuesday's focus: Team placement, team chemistry, strategy, cuts. *If needed, a player may be asked to stay for a later tryout to assess fit at a different level. Teams/Cuts will be posted that evening.

Third: THANK YOU! This has been a challenging summer coming off a very challenging year. The gym construction, schedules, camp maneuvering, etc has been difficult and I really appreciate all your support and flexibility. Your coaching staff is consistently working on how we want "our system" to look for the long term, but it is a work in progress. We are learning about the admin requirements alongside building the program under a new system, while also engaging in advanced coaching training and we so appreciate your patience and grace. This summer's challenges have given us a lot of good ideas for the future! 


DragonFly does not notify families if registration is incomplete. I have sent out messages asking parents to check their account and look for the following:A green "READY!" symbol and then to click on that symbol and verify at the top that it shows school name with sport and correct year.

If they do not see the school/sport/year but have the green "READY!" symbol it means they did not select the sport or did not select to be moved from middle school to high school.

If they see a percentage with "GET STARTED" in red they need to click on that symbol and see what requirements need to be addressed on the list. 

I can assist with any concerns - feel free to send their inquiries to me via email. patty.turner@bsd7.org


Jeni Anderson

Head Volleyball Coach

Bozeman High School

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