The program will provide the following equipment: 1 warmup shirt, 2 practice shirts, a jersey (there will be a team store for optional gear you may purchase if you choose)

You are responsible for the following gear: Black Under Armour spandex with small white logo (will be available on team store). Black knee pads and black socks. Appropriate athletic shoes with non-marking soles (these can be any color, but preferred black, gray, white, red).

What to wear at tryouts: TBD, we may request a certain color shirt per grade level. 

What to wear at practices: Black spandex (of any brand) M/T, Th/F, whatever color spandex you want on "Whatever Wednesdays". Program practice shirts M/T, Th/F and whatever appropriate t-shirt you want on Wednesdays. 

At Games: Jersey, warm up shirt, sports bra that does not show, black Under Armour spandex, black knee pads, black socks, athletic shoes. Appropriate hair items: headbands must be cloth and be of school colors, barrettes must be 'hair colored' and minimal.


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