Tryout Info

Friday, Aug 13 tryout at HAWK GYM

Saturday, Aug 14 tryout at NORTH GYM

Monday, Tuesday, Aug 16-17 at SOUTH GYM

Use Ruth Thibeault Way off 15th- to get to North and South gyms turn right at the end of the street for the rear entrance. For Hawk, go around the round about and turn rightinto the parkinglot.

Tryout info: Times and dates are listed below.  The Evaluation form is on there so there are no surprises... read it so you know exactly what we are looking for! 

How to prepare for tryouts: 

1. Conditioning & Physicality: 6-3   "6 in 3" is 1 set of lines "suicides" in 30 seconds, 6 times continuously, must touch the lines with your hand. Evaluates speed, endurance, dynamic movement, mental toughness.  Do a time trial asap so you know where you are in relation to the goal. Practice it. 

T-drill -How To video on "Workouts Tab". Evaluates speed, dynamic movement and transition. Practice it.

Star Drill -How to video on "Workouts Tab". Evaluates speed, dynamic movement and transition. Practice it.

2. Reps: Attend open gyms and workouts whenever possible (or find a way to get good reps if you are not in town). If you cannot make it, follow the workouts on the "Workout" tab. 

3. Mental Prep: Do some of the recommended reading on the website and set personal goals. 

4. Buy in: Know the program philosophy and values, more on this below. 

5. ASK- Your coaching staff only gets until July 31 to work with you so ask questions at open gyms. If you’re unsure of what to focus on just ask! We are here to help!

Program Philosophy

Who we are:

We are a AA State Championship school. We compete at the highest high school level possible. We train to be champions and along the way, we learn to be better athletes, teammates and people. We maintain HIGH STANDARDS and set BIG GOALS. We represent our team, program, school and community. No one person is more important than the program and everyone in the program has a role in our success. 

Who we want: 

We want athletes in the program who are hungry to get better, hungry to be part of something special and bigger than themselves, hungry to make those around them better and hungry for success. 

What we value: 

Self-discipline, hard work, positive attitude, growth mindset, TEAMWORK, humble confidence (not ego), mental toughness, enthusiasm, tenacity, competitiveness, dedication, respect, SELFLESSNESS!

Tryouts are a chance to showcase your skill, attitude and preparedness! We are excited to see it!

Tryout info: BHS Gyms 

You must begin tryouts with your grade. You may be moved up, but cannot play "down" a grade. You may be asked DAY OF to try out at a higher grade. Please be prepared for that. 

Team selection is based on: 

Specific Volleyball Skills: Passing, serving, defensive skill, setting, hitting, blocking, etc.- evaluated with statistics.

Intangibles: communication, ability to understand the game, coachability, energy (mental and physical), positive competitiveness, quick recovery from setbacks, dedication to the sport, team and program.

Physicality: speed, strength, endurance, explosiveness. This will be tested with: t-drill, star -drill, two measurements used at MSU and 6 in 3 (6 sets of lines in 3 minutes or less). You will also be required to hold a high plank for time as well as defensive poses for time. 

Attitude: Demonstrated respect for self, team, and coaching staff. “No Quit” attitude. “No Excuses” attitude. Coachability, competitiveness, self-discipline. 

STATISTICS that will be evaluated for ALL candidates:

Serving, Serve Receive, Hitting Accuracy, Passing/Defense, Blocking, Explosiveness (Star & T-Drill) 

Setters will have setter specific evaluations. You can see the evaluation form below for more info!


It is very likely there will be cuts at all levels. AA volleyball is HIGHLY competitive. We plan to keep 10-12 athletes for the Freshman Team, Sophomore Team and Junior Varsity, Varsity will roster 6-10 athletes.  


Athletes will be given a code at tryouts that corresponds with their names. After statistics are calculated and evaluated and the coaches work through each team's dynamic, positions and fit, these codes will be posted online.

Tryouts last until 6pm Tuesday, August 17. The coaching team will create teams directly after and post as soon as teams are complete. These teams in code will be posted by 10pm Tuesday, August 17. Those who's code is listed will report to practice Wednesday, August 18 at 9am. 


The calendar link is up on the calendar page of our program site as well as the season schedule. It is up to date, but subject to change. 

Necessary and recommended equipment is up on the equipment page on our program site. You will be able to purchase equipment from the Fan Store as well. 

Be sure to have completed all paperwork and dragonfly uploads before tryouts, there will not be anyone there to help with day of registrations. 

"Great effort springs naturally from great attitude." ~Pat Riley