Tryout Info


Tryouts will be held at Bozeman High School North and South Gyms on August 19-21.  



Tryout info

Times listed above, please notice am/pm and change of times throughout tryout

Your athlete may be asked to tryout with an older group on the same day. Please be flexible with this and plan accordingly. 

Please be healthy if you plan to attend tryouts. If you are sick or in quarantine due to contact tracing, please just let me know and we will figure out another plan. DO NO CoME To tryouts if you feel sick. 

We will continue the prechecks before entering the gym, similar to what we did during the summer. Temperature checks, symptom checks and sign ins at each of the two gyms we will be using. Please self monitor! 

I will update the “Covid” page of our program site this weekend to include procedures and health department info. 

Once in the gym, we will wear masks until engaging in rigorous drills. At that time groups will be small and consistent and times spent in drills together will be shortened. 

The coaching staff is planning a tryout that will both keep athletes and coaches safe, but also help us to gauge all elements of play with statistics. 

Team selection is based on 

Specific Volleyball Skills: Passing, serving, defensive skill, setting, hitting, blocking, etc.- evaluated with statistics.

Intangibles: communication, ability to understand the game, coachability, energy (mental and physical), positive competitiveness, quick recovery from setbacks, dedication to the sport, team and program.

Physicality: speed, strength, endurance, explosiveness. This will be tested with the t-drill and star -drill, two measurements used at MSU. 

Attitude: Demonstrated respect for self, team, and coaching staff. “No Quit” attitude. “No Excuses” attitude.

STATISTICS that will be evaluated for ALL candidates:

Serving, Serve Receive, Hitting Accuracy, Passing/Defense, Blocking, Explosiveness (Star & T-Drill) 

Setters will have setter specific evaluations. 


It is very likely there will be cuts at all levels. AA volleyball is HIGHLY competitive. We plan to keep 10-12 athletes at each level, that is 40-48 athletes in the program. 


Due to covid, we cannot safely have athletes lined up and waiting around for results. Athletes will be given a code at tryouts that corresponds with their names. After statistics are calculated and evaluated and the coaches work through each team's dynamic, positions and fit, these codes will be posted online.

Tryouts last until 6pm on Friday Aug 21 for JV/Varsity. The coaching team will create teams directly after and post as soon as teams are complete. These teams in code will be posted by 10pm Friday. Those who's code is listed will report to practice Monday August 24 at 3:30. 


We are waiting to hear what our bussing and spectator situations will look like this Fall. That info will be added to the site as soon as we know more. 

The calendar link is up on the calendar page of our program site. It is up to date, but subject to change. 

Necessary and recommended equipment is up on the equipment page on our program site. 

Be sure to have completed all paperwork and dragonfly uploads before tryouts, there will not be anyone there to help with day of registrations. 

I met with our coaching staff this week and we are dedicated and excited to make this season the best it can be, even in these strange circumstances. 

Go Hawks, see you at tryouts!