Policies & Handbooks

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General Program Policies

You must check in to each practice, match or event, report any symptoms, have your temperature taken and sanitize your hands. 

If you utilize the training room, you must sign in. 

You must wear your mask until warm ups begin and as soon as practice is complete. You must wear your mask at matches unless you are on the court. 

Wear black practice shirts and black masks on Monday and Thursday with black spandex. 

Wear red practice shirts and white masks on Tuesday and Friday with black spandex.

Wear an appropriate t-shirt and your favorite mask on Wednesdays with whatever color spandex you want!

Appropriate language is required in the gym and during all events. 

If you miss a practice, you miss 1 set of the next match (COVID adjustments may apply).

Try to spend less than 10 minutes in the locker room.


In county travel will be up to the families to get to the playing site (Belgrade, Gallatin).

Out of county travel will be by bus as a team. If you check your athlete out at the end of their match or end of the competitions, parent/guardian may take the athlete home instead of riding the bus. 

Here are the links for the forms required if your athlete is to be driven home from an away game with someone other than the parent/guardian.

You as the parent must complete the "Alternative Travel Request Form"

The adult transporting your student athlete must complete the "Vehicle Usage Form"

Both forms must be submitted via email to me no later than 4pm the day before travel.

Social Media

Coaches will not friend or accept friend requests from athletes/parents who are currently involved in BHS Volleyball. Feel free to follow @bozemanhawkvolleyball on Instagram and Facebook!

Bozeman Schools Bullying Policies



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