What to expect:   After tryouts, the rest of the week will be double day's for JV/V. Beginning August 23, practices will be from 3:45-6pm for all levels and will continue throughout season, Monday through Friday, except for game days. The tentative match schedule is on the "calendars" page. Matches are scheduled Thursdays and Saturdays throughout the season (subject to change). 

Fall 2021 Parent Meeting Notes

Mark Ator

Activities Director

Bozeman Schools





Good Evening and Thank you for attending our Fall Parents Meeting for 2021 BOZEMAN HAWK ATHLETICS.  My name is Mark Ator and I am our District wide Activities Director. It is great to see all of you. I am so proud to be part of what Bozeman High School and its rich athletic tradition. I have been here 2 years now and I am very proud of the athletic accomplishments of our student-athletes and coaches.  I am excited for the 2021 school year and  I know our coaches and athletes are very excited to get things going! 

Let me do some quick introductions:

Our Head Coaches:

Cheer Coach-Lacy Browne

Dance Coach-McKenna Brown

Boys and Girls Cross Country Coach-Casey Jermyn

Boys and Girls Golf Coach-Ryan Nelson

Volleyball Coach-Jeni Anderson

Girls Soccer Coach-Erika Cannon

Boys Soccer Coach-Hunter Terry

Football Coach-Levi Wesche

Trainer- Mark Meredith

BHS Activities Coordinator-James Maxwell

BHS Administration: Principal-Dan Mills  Vice Principals-Justin Helvik and Jim  Thompson Dean of Students-Carl Neely

Activities Administrative Assistant-Patty Turner

Your Child’s Paperwork:

  1. Physical Form (Taken after May 1, 2021)
  2. Concussion SIgn off Form--Student and Parent
  3. Permission Slip Waiver
  4. Acknowledgement of Risk
    1. Prohibited from using alcohol,tobacco, vaping,drugs, while participating
    2. 14 Calendar Suspension from the activity
    3. Participate in education program
    4. 2nd offense-Done with activity
  5. Activity Fee—submit thru RevTrak ($100)

BSD7 Athletics Web Page

  1. DRAGONFLY-Submit paperwork.   https://max.dragonflyathletics.com/maxweb/max-cover/login

Chemical Violation Policy==Prohibited from using alcohol,tobacco, vaping,drugs, while participating

  1. 14 Calendar Suspension from the activity
  2. Participate in education program
  3.  2nd offense-Done with activity

Coaches Paperwork:

  1. NFHS Coach Education
  2. NFHS Concussion (every year)
  3. MHSA Rules Clinic for each sport
  4. CPR/First Aid

 Injury Protocol

  1. Work with School Trainer
  2. Concussion--Baseline Testing for contact sports--Trainers will communicate with athletes
  3. MHSA does provide Concussion Insurance

Chain of Command

  1. Have student-athlete visit with Coach
  2. Parent visit with Coach
  3. Set up meeting with Coach and Building Coordinator or myself

Roles of Parents at Games

  1. View the game with team goals in mind
  2. Accept the judgement of officials (we have shortage-we need them)
  3. Support all student-athletes-be positive


Activities Office--WIllson Building-2nd Floor Room 217F

Welcome NEW HAWKS!

The program will provide the following equipment: 1 warmup shirt, 2 practice shirts, a jersey (there will be a team store for optional gear you may purchase if you choose)

You are responsible for the following gear: Black Under Armour spandex with small white logo (will be available on team store). Black knee pads and black socks. Appropriate athletic shoes with non-marking soles (these can be any color, but preferred black, gray, white, red).

What to wear at tryouts: TBD, we may request a certain color shirt per grade level. 

What to wear at practices: Black spandex (of any brand) M/T, Th/F, whatever color spandex you want on "Whatever Wednesdays". Program practice shirts M/T, Th/F and whatever appropriate t-shirt you want on Wednesdays. 

At Games: Jersey, warm up shirt, sports bra that does not show, black Under Armour spandex, black knee pads, black socks, athletic shoes. Appropriate hair items: headbands must be cloth and be of school colors, barrettes must be 'hair colored' and minimal.

PROGrAM  Expectations

OPEN GYM definition: practice/workouts for BHS athletes who plan to tryout for the following BHS season. 


If you are in town, come to open gym/workouts as often as possible. We understand there will be conflicts, family vacations...etc. We want you to have time "being a kid" and enjoying your summer, while also getting prepared for the highest level of high school volleyball in the State. 

Please attend BHS camps whenever possible. It gives the coaching staff additional opportunities to get to know you and get you more good reps! 

In Season: 

Show your dedication to your team and the program by being PROMPT AND PREPARED! Once you are in the gym, be present with your team and Coach... practice and games are not the time to worry about homework, school or any other issues. BE FOCUSED, DISCIPLINED and WORK HARD!

(And manage your time wisely off the court... you are STUDENT Athletes;)

Off Season:

Be active.  If you play spring sports or club, great. If you do not, consider lifting weights or getting a few friends together to do circuit training. Activity keeps your body strong and is good for your mind too!

***Get as many volleyball reps as possible over the summer. Get strong and stay strong. Covid took a lot of preseason options away from us last year, this year we move forward and bring this program to a whole new level. 

What you can expect from your coaching staff:

Honesty and transparency. Continued learning and implementation of updated coaching techniques and statistics based training. Dedication, passion and respect. 

What the program expects of you: 

If you want to be a Hawk, you must have these qualities listed below or be willing to grow them- Start considering these things- This is not meant to scare, intimidate or exclude anyone. This is meant to set the tone moving forward for the entire program.

Team selection will be based on:

Specific Volleyball Skills: Passing, serving, defensive skill, setting, hitting, blocking, etc.

Intangibles: communication, ability to understand the game, coachability, energy (mental and physical), positive competitiveness, quick recovery from setbacks, dedication to the sport, team and program. Tenacity/GRIT!

Physicality: speed, strength, endurance, explosiveness.

Attitude: Demonstrated respect for self, team, and coaching staff. “No Quit” attitude. “No Excuses” attitude. Positive, growth mindset.

*The level at which athletes can play is at the coaching staff’s discretion. Freshman can play at any level. Sophomores can play sophomore and above. Juniors can play JV and/or varsity. Seniors must play at the Varsity level.     


AA High School Volleyball is a highly competitive arena. There will be cuts at all 4 levels come Tryouts in August. The coaching staff will be compiling statistics and conferring consistently throughout tryouts. Our job is to create teams with the highest probability of success. Success means wins, but also teamwork, motivation, skills, intensity, athleticism, potential and attitude. 

Policies & Handbooks

Complete all Bozeman School District Forms prior to Tryouts. 

General Program Policies 2020

You must check in to each practice, match or event, report any symptoms, have your temperature taken and sanitize your hands. 

If you utilize the training room, you must sign in. 

You must wear your mask until warm ups begin and as soon as practice is complete. You must wear your mask at matches unless you are on the court. 

Wear black practice shirts and black masks on Monday and Thursday with black spandex. 

Wear red practice shirts and white masks on Tuesday and Friday with black spandex.

Wear an appropriate t-shirt and your favorite mask on Wednesdays with whatever color spandex you want!

Appropriate language is required in the gym and during all events. 

If you miss a practice, you miss 1 set of the next match (COVID adjustments may apply).

Try to spend less than 10 minutes in the locker room.


In county travel will be up to the families to get to the playing site (Belgrade, Gallatin).

Out of county travel will be by bus as a team. If you check your athlete out at the end of their match or end of the competitions, parent/guardian may take the athlete home instead of riding the bus. 

Here are the links for the forms required if your athlete is to be driven home from an away game with someone other than the parent/guardian.

You as the parent must complete the "Alternative Travel Request Form"

The adult transporting your student athlete must complete the "Vehicle Usage Form"

Both forms must be submitted via email to me no later than 4pm the day before travel.

Superintendent Bertram- COVID update for the Bozeman School District.

"Face coverings are required for drivers and riders on district route and activities busses in accordance with Federal regulations regardless of school mask requirements and flexibilities described above."   ordance with Federal regulations regardless of school mask requirements and flexibilities described above.   

Social Media

Coaches will not friend or accept friend requests from athletes/parents who are currently involved in BHS Volleyball. Feel free to follow @bozemanhawkvolleyball on Instagram and Facebook!

Bozeman Schools Bullying Policies



"high achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation."

~charles kettering